Just as you bring the highest standards to your survey methodology and analysis, so do we with the data collection. From the inception of our company, the Opinion Access philosophy has always been “Production through Quality.” What that means is simple—you will always produce well if you have processes in place to ensure the quality of the data. That has always been the foundation of our CATI business, and it stands as the backbone for our Online offerings, as well.

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Client Testimonial

We are a market research company working in the media industry. We have very difficult criteria and specifications for running studies.

Opinion Access has been our partner for more than 25 years and has successfully been able to provide these services to our satisfaction, which is not an easy task.

-L.G. , President, Full Service Media Market Research Company

Opinion Access has always been honest and upfront with us and I truly appreciate that.

It is difficult to find a partner like Opinion Access in today's world and we have been very lucky to have you. We would not have been able to do half of the work we have done so successfully without your partnership and support.

-L.M., a Honomichl50 Company

If you're looking for a top quality research company....

...with staff who will ensure the data is collected according to quality standards and who will work with you as a valued client, then I recommend Opinion Access.

-A.I., President, Full Service Consultancy and Research Company

Opinion Access recently helped me with a project for which we needed thousands of telephone interviews with dozens of sub-group quotas.

We needed the results in a very, very short time period. Everything went smoothly from the first conversation to the last data file transfer.

Owner, Full Service MR company

Opinion Access consistently delivers high-quality data collection services (from quality programming, to quality interviewing, to quality data processing and flexibility in presentation of electronic files) that meet or exceed client expectations.

Opinion Access provides particularly excellent service and solves problems or concerns in ways that benefit all. It is a pleasure to work with them.

K.B., Scarborough Research

Opinion Access is great. I've worked with lots of research partners over the past 35 years.

Opinion Access is in the top tier. They are smart, helpful, totally professional, and improve my business with suggestions and insights. I'm delighted to recommend them.

J.P., Full Service Market Research Company

I hired Opinion Access to take over a tremendous Hispanic phone tracking study that we were experiencing issues with via the phone vendor at that time.

Opinion Access did an amazing job on the research and they still run that same program, along with other trackers for us. They are extremely knowledgeable, forthcoming and generous in sharing their experience. We enjoy working with the entire team. They are client service-oriented and aim to please on all aspects of the process.

J.B., SVP, Honomichl 50 Company